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re: This Newly Discovered Content Source Is SO Overwhelmingly Massive, I am Speechless Right Now...

In all my years of using and teaching on the Public Domain (works not protected by copyright) I have focused on the obvious topics... books, images, patents, government content, and more... for good reason: They are familiar! Of course, there are also literally MILLIONS of resources available to us with each of those media types. There have ALSO been certain types of Public Domain content that I ignored... at least, at first. Why? Because I couldn't see the value in it... until my “eyes were opened” and I DID see the value. Education content is a good example of this.

Even though I knew (and bragged about) the fact that there are 10's of millions of books in the Public Domain, 100's of millions of images in the Public Domain, and millions of OTHER resources available as well, NOTHING prepared me for the discovery I want to tell you about today. This “ultimate mother lode” of Public Domain content has been on my radar for a few years now... I even mentioned it a few times in other trainings... but the depth and scope of it never CLICKED with me until a few days ago!
When I Truly “Got It” and the Reality Clicked, I Was Shaking... Speechless!
YES... this is quite literally “Fabric of the Universe” level stuff. So, what IS this ultimate source for Public Domain content?


No, NOT the pale robot from a certain sci-fi television show... something MUCH cooler! I know what you're probably thinking right now... isn't ALL Public Domain content data? Yes and no! Let me explain...

We are familiar with the Public Domain status of books, photos, illustrations, patents, etc. because they WERE protected by copyright until the copyright protection lapsed. At that time, the work fell into the realm of the Public Domain. And then there are government works... we know THAT content isn't protected by copyright because our tax dollars PAY for it. It's ours!

But there is ANOTHER section of copyright law that talks about the stuff that CANNOT be protected by copyright for a variety of reasons. A popular and familiar example from that section would be “Lists of Ingredients” and I've talked about those many times. But some recent changes in Copyright Law (in 2020) highlighted OTHER examples of content in this category and THAT is what became the catalyst to dig much deeper into this section of copyright law. And honestly, what I discovered shocked me!
We Are Talking TRILLIONS of Pieces of Content... Amazingly Unfathomable!
It's ONE THING to know something exists... but it is a completely different conversation to understand what it is, how it works, and what it can be used for. The same is true for THIS content source!

The Unprotected DATA I am referring to here includes the following (from the Copyright Code):
  • Ideas, Concepts, Principles, or Discoveries
  • Procedures, Processes, Systems, or Methods of Operation
  • Facts
  • Naturally Occurring and Discovered Material
  • Mere Listing of Ingredients or Contents
  • Scènes à Faire
  • Familiar Symbols and Designs
  • Functional and Useful Elements
  • And 22 MORE Types of Data!
Okay... so there is a LOT to unpack there... and a LOT of opportunities there... IF you know HOW to find, interpret and leverage the data referred to above. I will give just ONE small but exciting example here... Scènes à Faire. Scènes à Faire refers to stock characters or scenes in literature and the visual arts. Examples of stock characters could include a wizard or dragon, a princess, or Bigfoot. Stock scenes could be the rodeo, a Scottish town, or a saloon. The fact that these are all in the public domain has HUGE implications for you and me! 

I will share one more... “Useful Elements.” One example of a useful element that cannot be protected by copyright is clothing and the patterns to make them. Clothes are useful... we wear them... so the structure and pattern of the cloth elements that make a pair of pants or a dress are NOT protected!
This Rabbit Hole Goes MUCH Deeper! Consider Me Your Tour Guide!
I have spent a considerable amount of time sifting through all the implications (and benefits) of this immeasurable data dump so that I can both understand it AND be able to effectively share the parts that benefit YOU the most! Kristen will be the first to tell you... THIS information blew me away. That's NOT an exaggeration!
Introducing... “Public Domain Data Hacks”
In this BRAND-NEW Public Domain Workshop, you will discover fresh and inventive new ways to repurpose the data content that surrounds us all. Because this information is overlooked by “quick buck” researchers, we...YOU...have a distinct advantage in gaining access to these powerful strategies before ANYONE ELSE! As always, and in true “Hacks” form, I will show you not only the best resources for uncovering the data you can best benefit from but also how to breathe fresh, new life into this valuable content!

Here is what we cover during this comprehensive Workshop:
  • Module One: The FOUNDATION of Things – In this module, we will dig deep into uncopyrightable content that underlies everything we see and use today...ideas, processes, facts, and MUCH more. The strategies we will uncover in this module are incredibly powerful and lie at the core of EVERY type of product, book, movie, and work of art EVER created! Once you understand how this works, EVERYTHING will change for you! I will show you how!
  • Module Two: The NATURE of Things – We often take nature for granted but, in reality, our very lives depend on it. From Nature, we get our food, water, medicine, and more. It provides the raw material for us to build and create our reality based on the foundations from Module One. But there are things that many still don't understand about things. And, guess what...they're ALL in the Public Domain!
  • Module Three: The APPEARANCE of Things – As visual people, we gain context for our lives based on what we see. And while we are familiar with images as being in the Public Domain, there are MANY other types of data-based content ALSO in the Public Domain that offer some amazing profit understand what these types of data are and HOW to use them. Your questions will be answered in this module!
I am SO excited to share this information with you. It is revolutionary and incredibly lucrative! This is honestly going to be an incredibly exciting training that you definitely do NOT want to miss! 
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This workshop easily shares enough value and insights to justify a $297 price point...but I also recognize the importance of getting this information into as many of your hands as possible. 

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