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Public Domain Hacks Developer Bundle!
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I’m sure you’ve figured out by now that...
In our global economy, MEDIA in all forms rules the day. I'm not just talking about news. We want to be informed, we want to be entertained, we want products we can identify with, we want to be connected to what's working now and MOST of all, we want SOLUTIONS! Those solutions might come in the form of videos, books, audios, images or other forms of media, but the demand is greater now than ever before! We all are looking for solutions and answers to all sorts of problems, old and new:

    > What's the latest trends on how to lose weight?
    > How do I buy my first home?
    > What do I do if I've been scammed?
    > How do I turn my life around?
    > What does it take to make and sell my own crafts?
    > What types of books can I publish?
    > What are some tasty gluten-free recipes?
    > How do I start my own business?
    > Can your make me laugh and forget the craziness of the world for a moment?

These are just a few of the thousands of questions being asked over and over again! 
Provide SOLUTIONS...That Is the #1 Secret to Success...
Listen...each of us has some form of specialized knowledge. You may not believe that to be true for you, but it's true nonetheless. YOU know something I don't. The same is true for everyone else on the planet. The problem is, what do we do when we don't possess the knowledge we need. We have to get our solutions from somewhere else.

And it's with PROVIDING those solutions that presents you and me with a massive opportunity. WE can be the ones to provide the solutions to those asking, and THEY (our potential customers) will be happy to compensate us for those solutions. 
What if I told you that you have access to, RIGHT NOW, the knowledge and experiences from MILLIONS of the smart, creative people from all walks of life? Imagine having access to inventors, authors, educators, artists, scientists and more...ALL their wisdom, insights, talents, creativity and SOLUTIONS available to you right now!
Well Guess What? You DO!
This massive “Solutions” resources is called the Public Domain. There is NO OTHER media resource larger than that of the Public Domain...PERIOD! Media giants know this and exploit it. Same is true with most Fortune 500 companies! For me...I access and use these resources nearly EVERY day! It's time you do too!
So What Exactly IS the Public Domain?
Any type of media, (books, magazines, newspapers, videos, music, photography, art, etc.) can potentially be in the Public Domain if it meets one of four common copyright conditions:

    > The copyright has expired
    > The copyright owner failed to follow copyright renewal rules
    > The copyright owner deliberately places it in the public domain, known as “dedication” 
    > Copyright law does not protect this type of work.

Now you might think, “Why would anyone NOT renew their copyright?” It's a great question with many answers, but it ultimately doesn't matter. What DOES matter is that the media IS INDEED in the Public Domain...and that can be determined in a straightforward manner MOST of the time. I'm not going to bore you with all those details now, however, because there is a much different picture I want to paint...

Check THIS out: Worldwide, there are over 2 billion books in the Public Domain, millions of magazine articles, 100's of millions of art, photography and illustrations, millions of patents, not to mention all the video and audio content, web content and more. The Public Domain is SO huge that it's virtually inexhaustible! 
How’s THAT for Your Source of Solutions?
I personally began selling Public Domain-based products in 1986 in the form of maps and photographs. But it wasn't until 20 years later, in 2006, that I realized the potential of Public Domain content. Since that time I've researched, studied and used information, answers and solutions provided from the Public Domain nearly every day in one form or another. Needless to say, I've learned and discovered some AMAZING insights...

It's those insights...those SOLUTIONS...that I have strategically taught in-depth over the past 24 months. And for the first time, I have compiled together these comprehensive courses to create the ultimate bundles to show YOU exactly HOW to tap into this mother-lode of solutions!
Introducing the...
Public Domain Hacks Developer Bundle

Public Domain Basics (2 Video Training Modules):

   • A Quick Primer on What the Public Domain Is and Why It Matters.
   • Exactly HOW to determine whether or not books, magazines and images are in the
     Public Domain.
   • Trademarks and Patents.
   • What About Copyright in Other Countries?
   • Identify and Find ANY Book Ever Copyrighted.
   • Find Nearly Any Periodical Article in the Public Domain.
   • And much more!

Public Domain Education Hacks (3 Video Training Modules):

Module One:
    • What STREAM is and why you must pay attention to it!
    • Catering to the educational goals of homeschooling parents.
    • Why Public Domain content makes the most sense.
    • Where to find the best educational content to use in your books and products.
Module Two:
    • Which age groups are the best for educational materials.
    • A comprehensive list of popular topics and subjects to consider for education. 
    • The best types of educational books and materials to create.
    • Expanding your product creation options.
Module Three:
    • The best Product Creation strategies to design and layout your books and products.
    • Technology Hacks for 21st Century Educators and how to use them in your business.
    • The most important sales channels for homeschool and supplemental education.

Public Domain Book Hacks (3 Video Training Modules):

Module One:
    • The New Changes Coming.
    • Why Even Use Public Domain Content?
    • Turning Content Into Something New.
Module Two:
    • How to source data, compile research, & organize personal thoughts
    • WRITE a book faster and easier than ever!
    • DEMO!
Module Three:
    • How to Position Your Book for Success.
    • The 10X Sales Method.
    • How to Publish a Public Domain Book in a Different Language.
    • The Three Secrets of Leveraging Book Marketing and Sales.

Public Domain Fiction Hacks (3 Video Training Modules):

Module One:
    • Why Fiction?
    • Genres and the Best Ones to Focus On.
    • Story Plots…the Core of All Fiction.
    • Where to Find the Best Fiction.
Module Two:
    • Creating New Characters for Your Story.
    • Understanding the Role of Archetypes in Our Stories.
    • How to Use Generators to Fill in the Blanks.
    • Laying the Foundation.
Module Three:
    • Fiction Guidelines and What They Mean for YOUR Story.
    • Following the 3-Act Structure.
    • Reinvention and Rewriting Strategies.
    • It’s Kind of Like Mad Libs, But...

Public Domain Image Hacks (3 Video Training Modules):

Module One:
    • Fine Art Illustrations Using Public Domain Image Composites.
    • Telling a Story Through Your Images.
    • Print Options for Your Images.
    • Enhanced Gallery Wraps.
    • Add Motion to Your Prints With Lenticular Printing.
Module Two:
    • Benefits of SVG Vectors.
    • Best Resources Sites for SVG Vectors.
    • Working With SVG Files.
    • Turning Your SVG Files into Physical Products.
Module Three:
    • Public Domain Images and the Gift Book Market.
    • Different Types of Gift Books.
    • Image, Text, and Font Resources for Your Books.
    • Designing Your Gift Book.
    • Publishing Options for Your Book.

Public Domain Maker Hacks (3 Video Training Modules):

Module One:
    • How and Where to Find Content and Resources for the Maker Categories.
    • Best Sites to Search.
    • Important Keywords to Use.
    • Best Magazines to Dig Into.
    • New Patent Research Secrets.
Module Two:
    • Using Public Domain Maker Content to Build an Arts, Crafts, Maker Business.
    • Public Domain Meets 21st Century Technology.
    • Selling Online.
    • About the Festival Circuit.
Module Three:
    • Types of Content You’ll Find.
    • Preparing and Working With Content.
    • Ways to Profit from Maker Content.
    • Case Studies!

Public Domain Video Hacks (3 Video Training Modules):

Module One:
    • Video Elements. 
    • What to Create.
    • Public Domain Video Resources.
    • Audio for Your Projects.
    • Video Editing and Creation.
Module Two:
    • The Secret to Creating ANY Good Video…
    • How to Add Motion to Photographs, like Pans and Zooms.
    • The Best Video Creation Tools for Combining Photos, Video and Text.
    • Step-by-Step Demos.
Module Three:
    • Creative Plotagraphs From Public Domain Photos.
    • Make Cinemagraphs Using Vintage and Modern Public Domain Videos.
    • Best Software Options.
    • Demos.

Public Domain Design Hacks (3 Video Training Modules):

Module One:
    • Photo Tiles, Ceramic Tiles and Other Fun Wall Décor.
    • Different Types of Public Domain Image Content.
    • Production Resources and Pricing Comparisons.
    • DIY Secrets.
    • Designing Tiles Based on Themes and Room Types.
Module Two:
    • Types of Planners to Create.
    • Designing Your Planners and What to Include.
    • Copyright and Planner Design.
    • A Planner Design Case Study.
    • Custom Sticky Notes.
Module Three:
    • Best Types of Greeting Cards.
    • Using Public Domain Content.
    • Creating Your Own Card Designs.
    • Creating Custom Stickers as Products.

Public Domain Comics Hacks (3 Video Training Modules):

Module One:
    • Why Comics and Comic Strips?
    • The Useable Components of Comics.
    • The Best Public Domain Comic Resources.
    • Comic Characters in the Public Domain.
    • Reinventing Comic Stories.
Module Two:
    • Comic Images for Fun and Profit!
    • Best Strategies for Cleaning Up Comic Images.
    • The Best Image-Based Products Suited to Comics.
    • Lessons from Hollywood and Publishing Giants.
Module Three:
    • Making the Old New Again!
    • New Stories for New Generations.
    • Creating Toys from PD Comics and Comic Strips.
    • Using Comics for Card Games, Board Games and More!

Public Domain Patent Hacks (3 Video Training Modules):

Module One:
    • Why Patents Matter Now More Than Ever!
    • Patent Laws Around the World.
    • The Types of Content Opportunities That Exist.
    • Newly-Discovered Research Strategies and Tools.
Module Two:  
    • The Harsh Reality of Patents.
    • Tapping Into the 98%...
    • Idea Dowsing.
    • How to Leverage Failed Patents Into Licensing and New Product Opportunities.
Module Three:  
    • Getting Creative With Patent Illustrations.
    • Comic Book Tricks for Colorizing Patent Illustrations.
    • Turning Patent Drawings Into Blueprints.

Public Domain Government Hacks (3 Video Training Modules):

Module One:
    • Government Copyright Status.
    • Business-Related Content.
    • Best Government Business Sites.
    • Google Search Tricks.
    • Using the Content.
Module Two:  
    • The Demand for Multimedia.
    • Historic and Current Content.
    • Finding Multimedia Content.
    • The Best Editing Tools: Free and Paid.
    • Product Ideas.
Module Three:  
    • Obscure & Controversial Hacks.
    • Weird & Controversial Sells.
    • Finding the Goods.
    • Products From Controversy.

Public Domain Magazine Hacks (3 Video Training Modules):

Module One:
    • Usable Media Content in Magazines.
    • Finding the Magazines.
    • Checking the Copyrights.
    • Editable Text from Magazines.
Module Two:
    • Using Magazine Content for Videos.
    • 4 Types of Videos to Consider.
    • The Process for Using Magazine Content in Videos.
Module Three:  
    • Leveraging Magazine Image Content.
    • Best Types of Physical Products to Create.
    • Finding Usable Art.
    • The Best Methods for Process Your Found Art.

Public Domain Health Hacks (3 Video Training Modules):

Module One:
    • The Smartest Product Creation Methods for These Categories.
    • Researching Physical Culture.
    • The Best Public Domain Resources for Fitness and Exercise-Related Content.
Module Two:  
    • Self-Care Topics.
    • Doing the Research.
    • Top Self-Care Magazines and Authors.
Module Three:  
    • Personal Growth and It’s Sources in the Public Domain.
    • Areas of Personal Growth to Focus One.
    • Where to Find the Best Books and Magazines.
    • The Top Authors in the Personal Growth Space.

Public Domain Map Hacks (3 Video Training Modules):

Module One: 
    • Introduction to Public Domain Maps.
​    • Understanding Copyright Research and Renewal for Maps.
    • Best places for Finding Maps Online and Offline.
    • Crazy Cool Unusual Maps that Are Available.
    • Game Boards that Are Maps.
Module Two: 
    • Using Maps for Research. 
    • Researching Maps for Genealogy. 
    • Location-Based Map Research. 
    • Finding REAL Treasure Maps.
Module Three: 
    • On-Demand and Physical Products from Maps 
    • How to Create the Best Types of Ecom Products from Maps.
    • Map-Based Products from Fabric, Leather, Wood, and More! 
    • Creating Low-Content Books Based on Maps.

BONUSES Included with “Public Domain Hacks Developer Bundle”:

BONUS Video Training
    • “Book Layout 101” 
    • “Cover Design for Print Books” 
    • “Story Character Development” 
    • “Photo Compositing Tricks”
    • “Poster Creation Insights” 
    • “Creating Custom Fabric” 
    • “Recipe Books And More” 
    • “Using Public Domain Video Content to Create Stylized, Fresh Videos” 
    • “Using New Desktop Video Editors Filmora and DaVinci Resolve” 
    • “Art Card Secrets” 
    • “Calendar Creation Strategies” 
    • “Working With Comic Art” 
    • “Stylized Art Using Custom Color Palettes” 
    • “Products From Patents” 
    • “A Deep Dive Into Patents” 
    • “Lifestyle Hacks” 
BONUS Course
    • “Info Gold Extreme” Full Course
    • Slides PDFs for ALL Courses
    • “70+ Public Domain Photo Sites Resource Guide” PDF
    • “35+ Public Domain Book Sites 2018” PDF
    • “Public Domain Book Creation Checklist” PDF
    • “Public Domain Content Analysis Worksheet” PDF
    • “Renewed Periodicals List” PDF 
    • “Categorized Magazines List” PDF
    • “Health-Related Books & Magazines List” PDF
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Public Domain Hacks Developer Bundle!
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I have provided all the details necessary for you to make an educated buying decision.
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