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And ALSO Easily Create and Translate Your Products in Multiple Languages!
From the Desk of Tony Laidig...

re: Everyone ELSE in the World...

Being an English-Only speaker, it is easy to lose sight of the world's vastly diverse populations and languages. As a matter of fact, the world's Top 15 Most-Used Languages account for around 3.5 Billion people worldwide. Compare that to the fact that English speakers make up just 379 Million of that total...just 9.3% of the worldwide total! That means that, with our English Language tunnel vision, we are MISSING over 90% of the world's consumers! 

Let that sink in!
And Then There Is ALL the Other Foreign Language Content
in the Public Domain That We Are Completely Unaware of!
Expanding BEYOND English Language content opens up opportunities not ONLY for finding massive amounts of untouched Public Domain content (25X more content than is available in the United States alone) but ALSO the largest language-based markets on the planet!

Let me put this another way...

When you stack up ALL the Public Domain content available in the US against what is available in the REST of the world, the US-based Public Domain content represents just 4% of ALL that is available worldwide!
    • Books
    • Art
    • Periodicals
    • And ALL the Other Goodies Found in the Public Domain!
Below Are Two Simple Examples of Product Translations...
Introducing... “Public Domain Translation Hacks”
In this BRAND-NEW Public Domain Workshop, we will focus on TWO areas of the Public Domain related to translations: 1) How to FIND and USE foreign language works in the Public Domain. 2) How to TRANSLATE English content into other languages!

Because this information is overlooked by “quick buck” researchers, we...YOU...have a distinct advantage in gaining access to these powerful strategies before ANYONE ELSE! As always, and in true “Hacks” form, I will show you not only the best resources for uncovering this content you can best benefit from but also how to breathe fresh, new life into this valuable content and leverage it for NEW markets!

Here is what we will be covering during this comprehensive Workshop:
  • Module One: Finding International Content in the Public Domain – In this module, we will identify the easiest and best new ways to discover Public Domain content from other countries. We will also focus on the latest websites and content now in the Public Domain for 2021!
  • Module Two: Translating Content to and From Other Languages – This module will focus on how to translate content in other languages to English, but ALSO translating English-based products into other languages (like low-content books and products). 
  • Module Three: Reaching Other Language Markets – In this final module, we will explore how to tap into other language markets to expand the reach of our products. We will also define which types of products make the most sense to translate into other languages!
I am SO excited to share this information with you. It is revolutionary and incredibly lucrative! This is honestly going to be an incredibly exciting training that you definitely do NOT want to miss! 
Your Investment TODAY...
This workshop easily shares enough value and insights to justify a $297 price point...but I also recognize the importance of getting this information into as many of your hands as possible. 

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  • Ongoing Access to ALL Video Replays and Materials
  • Training Slides PDF from All Three Modules
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